Billy as “Flight Lieutenant Andrew Marshall” in Till The Boys Come Home (concept pitch) with Nadine Garner, Christopher Kirby, Sarah Hallam, Sally McLean, Nik Morris and Jessica To

Billy has played lead, supporting and guest roles in numerous film and TV productions in his native Australia.  You can either download his CV as a PDF (below) or keep reading to see his acting credits so far.


“Hawksborn”, Troll Bridge, Snowgum Films/Dir. Daniel Knight
“Prince Hal”, Speaking Daggers, Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Prince Hal”, O, Mistress Mine, Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Thug #1”, My Darling Alex, Impel Pictures & Quiet Giant/Dir. Wilson Huang
“Dane”, Edge of the Lake, The Rehearsal Room/Dir. Richard Sarell
“Snake”, Thurlow: The Giant, VCA/Dir. Daniel Higgins
“Ben”, Raymond Taylor’s Earnest Adventure in Love, Lollapalooza Films/Dir. Jemma van Loenen
“Daddy”, Daddy + Me, Loose Association Media/Dir. James Dene
“News Anchor”, Incomplete, Surreal Productions/Dir. Samir Malik
“Ken”, Rhyme and Reason, The Rehearsal Room/Dir. Richard Sarell
“Bounty Hunter”, Half Blood, Dir. Antonius Hananto
“Bob the Security Guard”, Why Must The Show Go On?, Cinema Viscera & Incognita Enterprises/Dir.  Paul Anthony Nelson
“Police Officer”, The Traveller, VCA/Dir. Ramzi Nabulsi
“Sgt. Barrigan”, Paladin Exordium, RMIT/Dir. Toby McGettigan
“Mobile Man”, Wake Up, Tankstand Productions/Dir. Philip Buckley
“Sheriff Sealey”, Ransom’s Bribe, VCA /Dir. Ramzi Nabulsi


“Macbeth MacFindlay”, Dark Arcadia, Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Flight Lieutenant Andrew Marshall”, Till The Boys Come Home (Concept Pitch), Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Henry V”, Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard, Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Hamlet”, Shakespeare Republic, Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Lieutenant Colonel Roland Claremont”, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Every Cloud Productions/Dir. Ken Cameron
“Spy” (Voice), Spy vs Engineer the Musical, Dir. Liliana Braumberger
“Petra’s Husband”, Offspring, Southern Star/Dir. Kate Dennis
“Wine Salesman”, Region Locked, Zachariah/Morris Productions/Dir. Lee Zachariah
“Grant”, True Brains, Sir Gannonheim Productions/Dir. Carl J. Sørheim
“Marcus Weatherby”, Culture Pig, Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Host/Presenter”, The Physics of Light, VEA/Dir. Kurt Breitenmoser
“Young Man”, Take A Different Path, OKO MEDIA/Dir Toni Andonovski
“Rodney ‘the Roddy’”, D.A.T.E. ME (pilot), Neon TV & Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Martin – Restaurateur”, Salam Café: Chef Rumzee, Salam Café, SBS & GNW/Dir. Ramzi Nabulsi
“Security Officer”, Before the Game, Roving Enterprises/Dir. Adrian Brown
“Jason”, Forrest’s Blog #13, Dir. Richard Sarell


“Andrew”, ‘Til The Boys Come Home (Reading), Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Henry V”, Shakespeare Republic: Live, Incognita Enterprises/Dir. Sally McLean
“Doug”, Anhedonia, Fractured Femur/Dir. Cameron Sievers
“Charlie”, The Game, Fractured Femur/Dir. Cameron Sievers
“Jack”, Into the Woods, Bustco/Dir. David Barclay
“George”, Leskes’s Method, Fractured Femur/Dir. Cameron Sievers
“Jack”, Turkish Smokers, Fractured Femur/Dir. Cameron Sievers
“Frank”, Frank & Mavis’s Deconstruction, Fractured Femur/Dir. Cameron Sievers
“The Buffoon”, The Buffoons Lament, Fractured Femur/Dir. Cameron Sievers
“Lysander/Lion”, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oz Act/Dir. Bruce Widdop
“Hamlet/Moonshine”, A Feast of Shakespeare, Oz Act/Dir. Bruce Widdop “Banquo”, Macbeth, Oz Act/Dir. Bruce Widdop


Graduate: BA ARTS Musical Theatre Performance, Ballarat Arts Academy (BAPA) 2000-2002


2010, Summer Intensive (Acting), The Rehearsal Room/Richard Sarell
2008-10, Audition Workshops, The Rehearsal Room/Richard Sarell
2009, Swordplay Cutlass, SAFDi/ Nigel Poulton
2008, Presenting for Camera, The Rehearsal Room /Richard Sarell
2005-08, Screen Acting, The Rehearsal Room/ Richard Sarell
2003-4 & 2007, Physical Character Investigation, Liminal Theatre Company/ Draff
2006, Presenting for camera, Brave Studios
2003-2005, Voice, Private Coaching /Steven Costan
2004, Embodiment of the Actor, Leisa Sheildon
2004, Modelling and deportment, Tanya Powel Modelling
2003, Acting for the Camera, VCA /Louise Siverson
2001-02, Singing, Private Coaching/Tim Smith


Australian Defence Force, Firearms: Pistol, Aus-Steyer (Rifle) & Minimi (Light support Weapon), Bayonet Fighting, Martial Arts (Kung Fu), Chi Gung, Parkour Basics, Medieval Sword Basics, Crowd Control & Security Licensed, Victorian Drivers License, Guitar, Piano, Singing (Tenor/ Bari-Tenor), Rollerblading.