Billy Smedley Current Acting Reel

Billy has played lead, supporting and guest roles in numerous film and TV productions in his native Australia. This current acting reel features clips from Speaking Daggers, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Raymond Taylor’s Earnest Adventures in Love and Shakespeare Republic opposite actors including Scott Major and John McTernan.

Edited by Sally McLean
Music by Silent Partner

Billy Smedley Action Reel

Billy has also done basic stunt and parkour training, is a highly experienced Kung Fu practitioner, as well as being certified in weapons handling. Featuring clips from Billy’s acting credits with action and stunt elements performed by Billy from Half Blood, Daddy + Me, Ransom’s Bribe, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Shakespeare Republic, along with extra footage of fight choreography rehearsals and training.

Edited by Sally McLean
Music by Quincas Moreira